Baobab Nursery School

The Gambia

The Gambia is situated in West -Afrika



In the Gambia children are taught in English,the official language of the country. It is therefore very important that childeren starting Primary school should be able to speak a certain amount of English. As the tribal language of the parents is always spoken in the home the nursery school is the ideal place tot prepare a child for Primary education. Nursery education is not part of the Government Education programme,so a nursery school is provided for through private initiative. Because of this,most nursery schools are in housed in very poor buildings and have no playthings or learning materials.

The aim of our Foundation is to teach nursery children the necessary basic skills tot enable a child to continue at primary school level.To help us achieve this we built a school with large classrooms,a safe playground and good sanitation.The classes have maximum of 30 pupils and the English language is taught using language teaching methods and games.

On one or two days in the week there is often a Dutch teacher present to help and support Gambian teachers.

Schoolfees : Parents pay school fees for Nursery education. In our school the fees are 400 dalasis per term.

The charge for school uniform is 250 dalasi. (1 euro = 52 dalasi, 1 British pound = 62 dalasi)

The school fees however, do not cover the overall costs of the school.

Voluntary work It is possible to do voluntary work at our school. This can also be in the form of teaching practice for student teachers..


To ensure the project can be financed,fundraising is very necessary.Money has been raised by primary school organising projects dealing with developing countries,by members of our board giving talks on the school and by private gifts from sponsors.

It is possible for you to receive information about our school and information about The Gambia including photos,should you wish to help support us financially.

Gifts are welcome :
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